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Upside - Cash Back, Feb 01, 2023
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Cash Back App

Upside partners with nearby businesses who want to win you over with great offers you won't get anywhere else. Its as easy as open the app, look for nearby offers, select one, pay as you normally would and get your cash back a few days later! Upside is also doing local food places as well.

My first cash back with the Upside app got me 6.45 cash back for filling up with gas like I do every week. Sometimes Upside will have a bonus cash back offer, you can earn quite a bit back per gallon! There is an extra bonus for the first time you use the app, be sure to make it worth it! (This stacks on top of the referral sign on bonus)



Coinbase Wallet, Jan 22, 2023

Earn, refer, wallet and exchange.

Coinbase is available in the USA. Coinbase offers a wallet, earn rewards, converting, send, receive and staking rewards.

Sign up at Coinbase

Coinbase now offers a Crypto Visa Debit Card that you can shop with. You get to pick your cash back, up to 4% in crypto coins.

This is probably the best way for someone in the USA to get into crypto. You will get free crypto in the Learn and Earn section as well as the chance to tell others about it for a 10 dollar BTC bonus!



Affirm Pay as you go, Sept 02, 2022

Pay as you Go

This is a brief intro to Affirm Pay as you go Service

What is Affirm?

Affirm is a pay as you go program. As you use Affirm and make consistent on-time payments, your spending limit may go up! When you buy with Affirm, you always know exactly what you will owe and when you will be done paying. There are no hidden fees not even late fees.

How do I get started?

Affirm offers a variety of options tailored to you. You can get started by clicking this link! Very easy setup! No credit check! Find out in minutes! You will get a 30 dollar bonus using my link!


Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile phone service, Sept 02, 2022

Phone Service

This is a brief intro to Mint Mobile Phone Service - USA

I just recently switched to Mint mobile from Cricket service and I could not be happier with the savings! I seem to have faster internet as well and less hanging/random drop outs while playing Pokemon GO.

They also are running an offer where you buy a phone (pay per month) and you get the first 6 months of service free, which sometimes, nearly pays for the phone itself!

BYOE (BRING YOUR OWN EVERYTHING) Transfer your current number in minutes!



Publish0x Blogging, Aug 10, 2022


Varies, based on viewers and readers

This is a brief guide on what Publish0x is.

What is Publish0x?

Publish0X is an online platform where anyone can join and earn. They earn cryptocurrency by blogging

Publish0x rewards both the author and reader.

You are given tokens to use for tipping the writers or to keep for yourself for reading the content on the site.



GetZen and HORIZON, Aug 10, 2022


Varies, based on bonuses and referrals

This is a brief guide on how to earn with GetZen Faucet!

What is GetZen?

GetZen faucet is a great way to get started with cryptocurrency. You can make daily claims and withdraw them to your own wallet. There are bonuses for wallet multiplier, hodl bonuses, connecting social media bonuses and more!

There is also a pretty good referral program. GetZen does a 4 tier referral system so your referrals will earn for you, their referrals will earn for you, their referrals will earn for you as well as their referrals.



BC CoCo Gambling Site, Aug 7, 2020


Unlimited Earning

BC.Game is a gambling site featuring 15+ currencies, daily rain, chat tips, chat rain, daily coco, rakeback (return on bets) and more! You can easily earn on this site with small capital to start. A new feature is using my referral, you will auto DM me as your inviter when you start, so I can send you some starting coin!

Theta Coin

Theta and Tfuel, Aug 07, 2020


Varies, based on Crates and Stream view time

This is a brief guide on how to earn with ThetaTV!

Sign up at ThetaTV , you initially get 2 crates to open, chances of gold coins or Tfuel or better! Once you have signed up, find a streamer you like and leave the page open, it will earn coins. You can use these coins to enter giveaways and raffles. (Giveaways / Predictions are the top right tab next to chat, the grand giveaways you scroll down on a streamers page) You also gain Tfuel by watching streamers, this is dependant on how many within 1000 miles of you are sharing your stream. (Sometimes it is quite a bit, other times not)

The items you can win vary widely, you can see what is available on the raffle you are entering. Some are worth money some are just more gold coins!


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