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What is Odysee? LBRY token Explained.

You know how Youtube is great, I mean creators get paid based on how many views their content receives, they can upload whatever they want without getting censored, and users are suggested content based on what they’ve already viewed! Well, two of these sentences are true. Youtube has a few problems, including scammy comments, the copyright strike issues, and recently the censorship of certain topics on their platform.

Earn money by watching videos

Like other platforms like Cos.TV, Odysse has a very interesting proposal for its users, which is the possibility of earning money watching videos. Every time you watch a video, follow a content creator, upload videos and interact, the platform rewards you with tokens, which are LBRY. These tokens can be exchanged for another currency. If you do not want to work with tokens, it is possible to receive your money through a bank account

Earn interest on your crypto

Earn up to 10% interest, compounded daily and paid out every Monday. It’s yours for the making.

Easy ways to earn and Weekly Watch reward!

Invite someone! You get 1 LBRY for each confirmed referral, easy as that.

Earn a random reward of at least 0.25 for watching cool stuff at least 3 days during the week.

Custom Codes - redeem custom codes for LBRY token.

You also can get rewarded by how many videos overall you have watched and how many followers you have.

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