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This is a brief guide and introduction on how to earn with ThetaTV!

Sign up at ThetaTV , you initially get 2 crates to open, chances of gold coins or Tfuel or better! Once you have signed up, find a streamer you like and leave the page open, it will earn coins. You can use these coins to enter giveaways and raffles. (Giveaways / Predictions are the top right tab next to chat, the grand giveaways you scroll down on a streamers page) You also gain Tfuel by watching streamers, this is dependant on how many within 1000 miles of you are sharing your stream. (Sometimes it is quite a bit, other times not)

The items you can win vary widely, you can see what is available on the raffle you are entering. Some are worth money some are just more gold coins!

Currently you cannot withdraw Tfuel from the site, you can however use it to donate or SHOP in their store! I read that Tfuel withdrawl for other than Streamers is planned for the future.

Key Features of the network

Open-source network & protocol, open to all developers and partners to build on the Theta network.

Decentralized Apps (Dapps) Video platforms and content providers can build specialized Dapps for their audience.

Streaming Ecosystem

Theta works as a long-term sustainable incentive mechanism to motivate all stakeholders to participate in video delivery, fully decentralized.

Decentralized peer-to-peer video delivery. A new native blockchain. Powered by users.

For sharing excess bandwidth and resources, viewers are now rewarded to participate in the network. Viewers earn their rewards as Theta Fuel.

A decentralized peer-to-peer network delivers streams efficiently globally.

Reduced cost of delivering video streams. Video platforms no longer need to build expensive infrastructure, means more innovation and unique business models. In the end, users benefit by sharing their bandwidth and building a community. Content creators and platforms all earn more with lower streaming costs.

You can also earn by heading over to ThetaToken.org and running their node. It does not use CPU or GPU but your extra bandwidth. It will earn Tfuel all day long!



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