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Robinhood - Stock Exchange

What is Robinhood?

Robinhood is a commission free online trading platform founded in 2013 that features an easy-to-use mobile app. It’s become the trading platform of choice for the Millennial generation. They are a leading force for Crypto/Stock trading with a good referral sign up bonus! Robinhood is a great start for beginners as you are not overwhelmed with options and choices to get started. Its as easy as sign up, link your bank and get some free stocks!

Free Stock!

The Robinhood referral code gives you a free stock worth up to $200 if you join and link a bank account, using my referral link.

How do I make money on Robinhood?

At a Glance: There are two main ways that investors can make money on Robinhood, Buy Low, Sell High. You need to do the research and be clear on where you want your money invested in order to make money. ​​Robinhood makes investing in the stock market easier than ever.

Earn fractional shares

Robinhood slices whole shares into smaller pieces of stock. You do not need 1000 to invest in a 1000 dollar stock, Robinhood does fractional shares so you can still earn part of any company.

Everyone gets a stock! You are guaranteed a stock when your friend successfully signs up and links their bank account.

How do deposits and Withdrawls work?

Once it's marked completed, it will be ready for withdrawal. A debit card or an instant transfer withdrawal typically takes 10-30 minutes, but might take longer depending on your bank. There is a 1.5% fee for instant withdrawals.

How much does Robinhood charge when you cash out?

Bank account: No fee for withdrawals. External debit card account: Withdrawals have a 1.5% fee based on the amount being transferred out. You'll see the calculated fee when you initiate the withdrawal, so you'll know the amount up front.

Robinhoods referral program

Investing is better with friends. So for each friend you invite to join, you’ll both earn gift stock. You and your friend both get to pick your own stock of America’s leading companies if you have the correlated promotional screen in your app.

As soon as your friend signs up, gets approved, and links their bank account, you’ll both receive gift stock. Keep in mind: You can receive up to $1,500 in gift stocks each calendar year, so feel free to spread the word.

Pick your free piece of stock! They get one and you get $5 to $200 in stock for every referral! Limitations apply. Stock referral rewards limited to $1,500 total per user per year. 99% of rewards are worth $5. 1-in-100 customers can get at least $10; 1-in-1,000 can get $200. You can get up to $1,500 per year for referring friends. Spread the stocks!

Getting your free stock!

Now you are able to pick the stock yourself from a list of 20 of America’s leading companies! You will earn a specified dollar amount for your gift stock. You can use the cash value toward fractional shares of the companies offered. Fractional shares are pieces, or fractions, of whole shares of a company.

Once your gift stock is ready, Robinhood will send you a notification prompting you to claim your reward. If you don’t tap on the notification, you can claim your gift stock by navigating to the Rewards tab or icon on the home page and clicking on “Past” to see previously-granted rewards. If you don’t claim the gift stock within 60 days, it will expire.

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