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Mint Mobile - Phone Service

Phone Service

This is a brief guide on getting set up with Mint.

Here are some of the major reasons to choose Mint mobile!

5G FOR FREE. You get premium wireless service on the nation’s largest 5G network, but for way less than what big wireless companies charge.

NO EXTRA OVERHEAD. Mint does not have stores or salespeople and sells direct to you online to keep prices as low as they can go.

FLEXIBLE PLAN OPTIONS. Choose the monthly data amount that’s right for you. If you’re not using it all, you can switch to a lower data plan and save even more. You can also increase your data plan at any time during the month!

BYOE - BRING YOUR OWN EVERYTHING! Your unlocked device and current phone number are always welcome at Mint.


Check the coverage in your area. Its T-mobile network coverage, you should be good just about everywhere!

Bring current one or GET A NEW ONE! The process for bringing your own line is nearly the same as starting new service. You activate the sim as normal then instead of clicking new number you click to bring your own phone number, you will need your current providers account number, pin and phone number. This process took about 3 minutes for me.

PICK A PLAN, ANY PLAN! Just choose whichever plan you like! They are all cheaper than everywhere else I could find.

Place your order and activate your phone! eSim is instant! The process takes just minutes and you will be up and going on Mint mobile!

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