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My first cash back with the Upside app got me 6.45 cash back for filling up with gas like I do every week. Sometimes Upside will have a bonus cash back offer, you can earn quite a bit back per gallon! There is an extra bonus for the first time you use the app, be sure to make it worth it! (This stacks on top of the referral sign on bonus)

Easy to do

Upside partners with nearby businesses who want to win you over with great offers you won't get anywhere else. Its as easy as open the app, look for nearby offers, select one, pay as you normally would and get your cash back a few days later! Upside is also doing local food places as well.

Easy money, made easier - Open the app, find your offer, buy what you were going to anyway, and earn cash back.

Earn on what you need - Users have earned tens of millions of dollars on things they were buying anyway – gas, groceries, and food.

Spend on what you love - Cash out or save up your earnings. Get your cash back whenever you want via PayPal, e-gift card, or directly into your back account.

Double-dip on rewards - Receive Upside cash back in addition to your existing credit card or loyalty program points.

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