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Easy simple to use, wallet and exchange, earn new coins for free, refer others or stake!

Coinbase Wallet and Exchange!

To get started with coinbase head on over to Coinbase.com and click on Get Started.

Once you are on the account creation page enter your name, email and submit. You will need to verify your email address. (You can do KYC now or later, you do not need to KYC to start the account)

When logged into your account click on Learning Rewards.

This will take you to the learning page where you can earn crypto by answering questions. If you guess incorrect, it lets you guess until you are correct, there is no failing to earn crypto here.

When you have received your learning rewards, you can cash these out to paypal or bank, convert to other currencies or hodl! -You can also earn extra crypto by referring other users! 10 dollars of BTC will be added to your account for each referred person. You can enter their email or send your personalized referral link.


To convert crypto that you own click on Buy and Sell.

There will be an in page pop up that will let you convert, buy or sell crypto. The three tabs are selectable at the top of the popup. Be sure to pay special attention if it tells you the transfer will need a memo or a name in addition to the wallet address.

To send crypto or receive from other users click the Send and Receive button.

Once the in page pop up loads you can click either receive or send on the tabs at the top. If you want to receive crypto from another wallet or person click the receive tab, copy the wallet address. You can either click the copy button to the right of the wallet address or click and drag and press CTRL C. (it is CTRL P to paste the copied text or right click, paste) If you would like to send crypto to another user click the send tab. Get the wallet address from the user you would like, select the same crypto coin, enter their address and amount to send. Any fees will be shown on the send page.

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