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Betfury, Aug 07, 2020



Betfury is a TRON (TRX) gambling site with daily dividends, rewards, cash back Betfury staking, internal coin and more!

No Minimum Withdrawl

Betfury is the first Tron i-gaming platform with real cashback. In-house games, dividends.

Enjoy the best gaming entertainment with the advantages: BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT Dividend pools, Rank VIP system, Cashback up to 25%. It's easy to make profit on BetFury — just play and multiply BFG tokens!


Gaming has never been so exciting. BetFury has a range of great games for you: In-house, Slots, Table & Live games.


Get back up to 25%! Cashback value depends on the Rank. Play with the best terms, get coins back and increase your capabilities! Jackpots The most active players deserve big prizes! Hit the Jackpots in In-house games and Slots. Feel the taste of fame with BetFury! Tournaments BetFury constantly comes up with campaigns and competitions for users with large prizes. Everyone has a chance to get more out of the game! Investment opportunity Betfury provides not only the best gaming experience but also profitable services with maximum investment attractiveness! chip BFG Staking Receive dividends every day by holding BFG tokens. Be sure in your earnings and plan your income with the estimated profit widget What is BFG? BetFury token (BFG) is a utility token for profit-sharing and income-generating. BFG token acquires value due to the ability to receive dividends, which increases interest and demand for this asset Staking By Staking BFG tokens everyone can receive a part of platforms profit from the Dividend pool. The reward is defined according to the number of BFG tokens kept. icon Games & Auction BFG is available for gaming on In-house games. You can make bids in the Auction using BFG and win cryptocurrency icon Rank benefit BetFury has a lot of features. Mine more BFG tokens and get increased cashback, bonuses and other benefits. icon BFG Listing Shortly the BFG token will become a liquid asset for traders who will be able to buy and sell tokens in addition to receiving dividends.

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