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What is Publish0x?

Publish0X is an online platform where anyone can join and earn. They earn cryptocurrency by blogging. Publish0x rewards both the author and reader. You are given tokens to use for tipping the writers or to keep for yourself for reading the content on the site.

You can find articles on just about anything here. This site is similar to YouTube except, not censored as much. Earning with this platform is as easy as posting some blog articles with relevant information!

Another way to earn with Publish0x is their Ambassador Referral Program.

Earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral. Access to paid/bountied articles first. Free featured article placements.

My ambassador link: My Ambassador Link

Link Tracking!

You can generate additional ambassador links with TIDs (Tracking IDs). For example you can create separate IDs for any purpose such as reddit, facebook, bannerad1, or whatever traffic sources you use using an ID that makes sense to you. Use this tool to help you see which traffic sources work best for you.

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