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What is a payment solution?

An online payment solution is a credit card terminal - but on your website. It's a virtual credit card terminal that allows your customers to pay for their goods online. Of course, it's possible to run an e-store without a payment solution, but your customers would have to pay using online banking - which is less convenient since the payment process is slower and it takes longer for the money to reach your bank account so you can ship the products.

By far, an online payment solution is the easiest and fastest method of payment to you and your customers.

With ePay, it's easy for you to accept payments from your customers via credit card. You avoid a lot of programming work and the very high security requirements imposed by the PCI standard. Instead, you buy this service from us.

Apart from you and your customer, two other players are involved in the payment process:

ePay, which is a payment gateway * An acquirer, who takes care of the money transfer. This could be Nets, Euroline, Teller, Swedbank or Handelsbanken

To be approved for receiving online payments via credit cards, you have to set up an account with ePay. Afterwards, you apply for an acquirer agreement (also called a merchant agreement) by one of the acquirers we are working with. Want step by step instructions on how to get started with online payments? Please go to our Getting Started Guide.

The majority of our Danish customers have an acquirer agreement for Danish payment cards with Nets and use Swedbank or Handelsbanken for foreign payment cards. You can read more about our acquirers here.

As soon as your acquirer agreement is created, it is added to your ePay account. Now you're ready to receive payments online and start making money.

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