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Setting up your first auto faucet!

First off you will need the script. Japakar Version 4.5.2 ZEC XMR DGB

Second you will need a host. Create an account at 000Webhost. From here you will need to copy down your login information and FTP information.

Third you will need an FTP program, I use CoreFTP In this program you enter the FTP and login information for 000webhost.

Fourth and this should already be done, you will need a FaucetHUB account.


Create your free account. In your control panel navigate to the FTP section (this information may also be in your welcome email) and copy down the login name and FTP address for your website. You will enter this information into CoreFTP to login to your website.


You will need to make yourself a faucet owner, go to User tab and make yourself a faucet owner.

On the overview page you will click on Your Faucets on the left side and create a new faucet. When you have done that, edit the name, currency and payout information and website URL. You will want to click the TABS for PTP and MINING as these are the type of faucet you have. Next scroll down (or go back to My Faucets and settings for this faucet) to configure rate limits. I would leave everything at 0 except for the currency you intend on providing. To start set this low in case something goes wrong you do not lose funds. You can edit the max send limits, faucet name and other information on this page by going into Your Faucets then Settings at any time.

When finished with that, click to show your API key (never give this to anyone) and either copy it down, leave the page open or come back to get the API key later when you need it.


Extract or Un pack all auto faucet files into a folder. Open CoreFTP and login to 000webhost, on the right side of the FTP program is the server directory, double click on public_html.

When that directory is open, use the left side of CoreFTP to navigate to the auto faucet folder, select all files and folders, move them to the public_html directory of the server by dragging them to the right window. You will need to make sure it is not in a sub directory, (such as public_html/myfaucet/) as this install is for the basic setup. You will need to edit the files if you wish to put it anywhere other than the main public directory.

When you have everything moved over, first and foremost read the readme file! I remove the a from adoc to read in notepad. Once done, click to edit your config.template.php file. (right click, edit)

Here you can edit your payout information, payout time, which coins are true or false to be on your faucet. You can also enable ads, captcha and IpHUB or Nastyhosts here. If a write up is needed for these I will do it at a later time. When you have finished editing your config.template.php rename it to just config.php.

Next we will want to edit the files in custom.template folder. How you edit these are up to you, some ads are commented out and you just change the address or refer others are examples. They should get you started. Once you have finished editing the files, change the folder name to custom instead of custom.template.

ads, ads_q, iframetraffic are for advertisements. navbar is your navigation bar links.

A few companies I use for ads, there are many others on this page.

1ink URL shortener

Bitmedia Image ads

A-adsImage ads

Coinmedia Image Ads

In your FTP program, you will want to right click on your config file and change its number value to 400 after editing. (read permission by user only) This will make it so other people cannot view your API in your config file.

Putting ads and shortlinks on your auto faucet.

1ink URL shortener is a great ad company to put on your landing page (index). When logged into 1ink, click EARN FROM WEBSITE. Type in your url and click GENERATE CODE. Copy the code given and put it into your index file. When users land on your page they should now get a skip ad from 1ink. (You can put this on any page, index is an example, I put it right above the DOCTYPE HTML in my pages.)

Any further questions japakar#3196 on discord or japakar.com on FaucetHUB chat.

This was just a quick write up, I intend to expand on it later.

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